RV & Marine Technologies was founded in 1988 and is owned and
operated by the Borstad family.

Over 35 years in the residential and commercial roofing industry has
given us a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

At our shop facilities located in Alexandria, Minnesota we do all aspects
of RV roofing and have for over 20 years.


All of our services  carry full  warranties covering both labor and materials.

                             All projects are done by exact bid.
                               Which means, NO SURPRISES!
Acrylic roof systems
                                          * Repair loose rubber roofs
                                          * Radius repair
                                          * Deck repair (water damage)
                                          * Complete roof rebuilds
About Us
                                                                   RV & Marine
The RV Roofing People
We also have a complete Marine Care products line. To check out our marine products (Nautical
Ease) visit