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                                                                   Spray Cleaner
The most versatile cleaner you will find. It can be used on fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl seats, whitewall
tires, and is excellent at removing bugs. Use as de-greaser for engines, dissolving oil and gasoline. Easy
to use- just spray on, scrub, and rinse clean.

                                                             32 oz. Bottle- $9.95
                                                               1 Gallon- $23.49

Ultimate Roof Acrylic Roof System - It is  a liquid applied system. If you can paint
you can apply
Ultimate Roof. It's that simple. This high density acrylic roof system
looks like white glue, yet spreads easily with a brush and roller. There are no heavy
rolls of material or adhesives to lug around. It adheres 100% to your existing roof
whether it's metal, fiberglass or EPDM rubber.
Ultimate Roof is non-toxic, has no
fumes, and requires no mixing. It out preforms rubber roofs with out the problems or
high cost. Once a rubber roof is 10 years old it has reached the end of its life
expectancy. The membrane keeps sluffing away from oxidation. There is no need to
replace an aged deteriorated rubber roof.
Ultimate Roof is an excellent 're-roof' for
badly stained rubber. The stains from mold and mildew will not bleed through and
your old roof will look like new again.

               BEFORE                         AFTER


Easy as- 1,2,3
                                              Step 1
Remove loose coating or caulking and scrub your roof.

Step 2
               2. Apply Ultimate Roof along seams and joints embedding
                                 the 4"wide
Ultra-Flex fabric as you go.

Step 3
Using a roller, apply two coats of Ultimate Roof to the entire
That's it you're done!
Here at RV & Marine Technologies we have tried and tested many products available in the RV
industry and our product of choice is Ultimate Roof. Why? Becuase it LASTS. Its unique combination
of flexible reinforcing fabric (
Ultra-Flex) and a white reflective top coat creates an attractive waterproof
finish that will withstand the elements.
                                                          Roof Prep
High performance cleaner for rubber, vinyl, and fiberglass that removes all built up roof oxidation.
Leaves the roof surface "film free" for
Ultimate Roof or Oxi-Gaurd applications. Just spay on a wet
surface, scrub, and rinse clean. Biodegradable.

32 oz. Bottle- $14.95
                                                        1 Gallon- $39.95
A long lasting protectant for rubber, vinyl, and fiberglass roofs that "STOPS" chalking and streaking
caused by roof oxidation. After the roof is first cleaned with
Roof Prep, Oxi-Gaurd wipes on easily with a
soft cloth. Will last up to 2 years. It blocks damaging UV rays. No petroleum/ No silicon. 32 oz. Bottle will
treat a 40' coach. Can also be used on vinyl awnings, plastic mouldings, A/C shrouds, and window trim.
Leaves a nice shine too!

32 oz. Bottle- $29.95
                                         Streak Remover/ Awning Cleaner
The BEST cleaner for removing the streaks on the sides of your coach caused by roof oxidation. Just
spray on, let sit for 10-60 seconds, clean with a suitable brush and rinse well. Will clean and enhance
the color of your vinyl awning. It is also great for removing bugs from the front of your coach.

32 oz. Bottle- $9.95

                                                             Buff Out
An oil-enriched aggressive compound to remove heavy to extreme oxidation, tough water spots and
scratches on painted and fiberglass surfaces. Restores gel-coat color to make surfaces look their
best. Easy to use by hand or power wheel.

16 0z. Bottle- $9.99
                                                     Ultimate Polish
This polish/cleaner is one of the most easily applied and buffed off finishes on the market today. This
special formula will give your vehicle a "glass like" finish that does not yellow, chip, peel, or crack. Is
safe on Gel-Coat finishes, acrylics, metallics and non-porous surfaces. It can be used over decals.
Each coat of polish will get progressively shinier and deeper looking.

16 oz. Bottle- $15.99
                                        Vinyl & Leather Conditioner
Easy to use. For use on interior or exterior vinyl and leather. Protects against sunlight and moisture
damage. Waterproofs. Non-staining formula -Fast drying- Non-slippery. Anti static. Great for the
dashboard, window gaskets,even motorcycle seats. Contains mink oil and other all natural ingredients.

8 oz. Bottle- $14.99
Check out for our complete Marine Care line.
                                        Application Kit*
Application Kit includes: Roof Prep Cleaner, 4" roller & handle, 9" roller & handle, 2- rolls
Ultra-Flex, scrub pads, paint brush, DVD & instructions. For use with 2-9 Gal Applications.

Application Kit- $85.50
                                       Custom Fit-Roofing Kit
                      Get the right size kit for the length of your coach
1qt. Repair Kit
Does 25' of seams or 10 sq. ft.
4"x25' of fabric
1gal Repair Kit
Does 100' of seams or 40 sq. ft.
4"x100' fabric
2gal Repair Kit
Does 200' of seams or 80 sq. ft.
Includes 2gal pail & Application Kit
4gal System
Complete roof on 25' coach
Includes 2-2gal pails & Application Kit
5gal System
Complete roof on 30' coach
Includes 5gal pail & Application Kit
6gal System
Complete roof on 35' coach
Includes  5gal & 1gal pails & Application Kit
7gal System
Complete roof on 40' coach
Includes 5gal & 2gal pails & Application Kit
9gal System
Complete roof on 45' coach including slides
Includes 5gal & 2-2gal pails & Application Kit
Nautical Ease
RV Magic