We offer a range of various services, such as, our professional
applications of
Ultimate Roof roofing systems applied at our Minnesota
location. We also have on-site mobile services.
(On-site locations are limited. Contact our main office for details. 1-877-387-6511)

If applied at our Minnesota location, you may stay in your unit while a
professional applies your roofing system. We are a pet friendly location.
We offer temporary hook-ups for electric, water, & wi-fi. Our in shop repairs
are by scheduled appointments. Each unit is different, but typically,
installation of our roofing systems is completed in just  3-4days!
With a roofing complete system application, applied by a professional, we
offer a
*10yr  NO LEAK warranty.  Warranty includes labor and material.
Also with our
warranty, if you sell your unit the warranty stays in effect!
Ultimate Roof is an acrylic latex liquid application system. Once applied it
will produce a completely seamless, long lasting, leak free, flexible roof for
your unit. No maintenance required. Streaking will be a thing of the past.
No hassle of caulking ever again.
Our roofing system bonds with our reinforcing fabric-or
Ultra-Flex, which
produces a union that ensures the seamless, no caulking, satin white
finish look.
Our roofing system,
Ultimate Roof maintains flexibility through out all
weather conditions.

We do roof repairs

We often deal with plywood damaged underlayments, ripped rubber &
vinyl roofing, even hail damaged metal roofing. Replacing damaged
plywood & re-gluing loose rubber roofing is a common fix at our shop. We
also replace common roofing equipment like vents, & Maxair covers, ect.

Other services we offer include an easy
Do It Yourself custom fit RV
roofing kit.  Kits include everything you will need to apply the
 systems to your unit. Included is a 32 oz bottle of Roof Prep Cleaner
& a scrub pad to help you get started. Also, included is a step-by-step
instruction packet, how-to video, roller cover & a brush, along with the
Ultra-Flex fabric required for all seams & vents.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.
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